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Ty Tanglwyst - Case Study


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Ty Tanglwyst is a small, family-run dairy farm based in Bridgend, which produces milk, cream and butter. Employing 15 local people, the business has recently diversified into milk bottling and operates across a variety of channels, including school contracts, commercial schemes, and doorstep deliveries. ​​


Support from ZERO2FIVE

Ty Tanglwyst have received technical assistance from ZERO2FIVE for a number of years and have previously benefited from the support of a technical affiliate who was embedded within the business. This support was vital in enabling Ty Tanglwyst to achieve and maintain SALSA certification. 

When SALSA Issue 6 was introduced in 2022, there were numerous changes to the food safety standard, including an increased emphasis on food safety culture and major updates to HACCP. As such, Ty Tanglwyst required further support via Project HELIX to bring their food safety management systems up to date. 

Support from ZERO2FIVE included mentoring Ty Tanglwyst’s owner Rhys Lougher around the changes to the SALSA standard and assisting with the update of their HACCP system. 

Ty Tanglwyst milk range

Benefits of the support

Ongoing mentoring from ZERO2FIVE helped Ty Tanglwyst to effectively manage the changes to the SALSA food safety standard and ensure that they were able to maintain their SALSA certification. SALSA is vital for the company to be able to tender for local government and education contracts.  

A maintenance programme was also developed to support any new contract arrangements and to help the company prepare for future SALSA audits. The support from ZERO2FIVE has helped to streamline many of the farm’s existing business processes and increased efficiency. 

Rhys Lougher, Owner, Ty Tanglwyst: “The support we have received from the technologist at ZERO2FIVE has been superb.  Their industry background has been hugely beneficial and they know that for new processes and ideas to be successfully implemented they need to be practical and logical for the staff to carry them out.  We see them as a key member of our team and we greatly appreciate their support.” 

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