How to Apply


Please select from the series of drop-down menus below to familiarise yourself with how to submit an application for an EU-METALIC scholarship.

Application Procedure

 Step 1: Please carefully read the Who Can Apply section to find out:

  • Are you eligible for the EU-METALIC II Scholarship programme?
  • Which Target Group do you belong to?
  • Which types and level of mobility are available to you?

Step 2: Please review the list of Fields of Study to find out if the programme you are interested in is offered at one of the partner universities.

Step 3: Select the host university/universities you are interested in and review their website and make contact with them if necessary.

Step 4: Review the Scholarships section of this website to find out about the possible mobility duration and to clearly understand the difference between exchange mobility and degree seeking mobility.

Step 5: Collect all documents that need to be uploaded in the online application. *Please note that documents that are not in English, or the language of the host university, must be accompanied with certified translated copies*

Step 6: Register and fill out the online application form, upload all of the necessary documents, save and submit your application.

Step 7: After the deadline, your application will pass through an Eligibility Check to see if it satisfies the eligibility criteria (nationality, language, mandatory documents etc.). After passing this check, the application will then proceed to the Assessment of Academic Quality (see section Selection Criteria drop-down on this page).

Step 8: The graded applications will then be passed ​to the Selection Committee (consisting of an equal spread of representatives of the consortium). The Selection Committee will meet and will make the final selection of EU-METALIC II scholarships in line with the criteria of academic merit and the cross-cutting requirements of equal opportunities, gender-balance and real participation of socio-economically disadvantaged people.

Step 9: The home and host universities will be notified of the final selection of scholarships, and host universities will approve the final selection.

Step 10: The Coordinating University will issue Nomination Letters via email to the successful candidates. The candidates must accept or reject the offer of scholarship within 7 days.

Step 11: Accepted scholars will have to sign a Scholarship Agreement specifying all rights and obligations related to the scholarship. Then the host university will start the admission procedures for their future students and send the scholars an Invitation Letter for starting the visa application process.

Step 12: When the selection and admission process has finished, unselected applicants and candidates included in the reserve list will be notified about the final result.

***All scholarships from the 3rd Cohort (excluding Staff) must start their mobility by 31st December 2016***​

Application Form

There are five key steps to applying for an EU-METALIC II Scholarship:

  1. Create an Applicant Login (You are only allowed to register ONCE. If you register and apply from several accounts this will lead to disqualification).
  2. Select which Target Group you belong to from the options (please read all carefully before makring your choice).
  3. Enter you Basic Information and Select the Programmes of study you wish to apply to (maximum 2 choices).
  4. Upload all of the required documents.
  5. Save and submit your application!

In order to assist you with the above stages of application, we have created a guidance document for all potential applicants to follow during the application process (guidance document).

Selection Criteria

The Eligibility Check of all applications will be carried out by the home universities and the Assessment of Academic Quality will be carried out by the host universities based on the grading scheme agreed by the Project Consortium (see below). The score obtained will be the basis for the distribution of scholarships.

For applicants not registered at a partner university, the evaluation will be done by partner universities of the respective country, in conjunction with the Project Coordinator.

EU-METALIC II scholarships will be awarded based on the total score obtained. A proportion of scholarships will be distributed taking into account the cross-cutting requirements of equal opportunities, gender-balance and real participation of disadvantaged people.

Application Grading Scheme

Undergraduate & Masters Host University
Academic Merit (transcript, recommendation, study plan, Home University Support Letter, Learning Agreement, academically suitable?)5


Doctorate Host University
Academic Merit (CV, transcript, Invitation Letter, Home University Support Letter, academically suitable?) 5
Recommendation Letter2
Research Proposal5


Post-Doctorate & Staff Host University
Academic Merit (CV, Invitation Letter, academically suitable?) 5
Recommendation Letter2
Research / Training / Teaching Proposal5

Selection Documents

Depending on which Mobility Level you are applying to, the necessary documents that you must submit with your application vary. To ensure that you submit a strong and complete application the following information will assist you making sure that you submit the correct documents.

If you are applying for an Undergraduate Level Mobility, click here for a list of documents.

If you are applying for a Master Level Mobility, click here for a list of documents.

If you are applying for a Doctorate Level Mobility, click here for a list of documents.

If you are applying for a Post-Doctorate Level Mobility, click here for a list of documents.

If you are applying for a Staff Level Mobility, click here for a list of documents.

Document templates

Statement of Commitment - EU-METALIC II
Learning Agreement - For Undergraduate & Master Applicants
Study / Research Proposal - For Doctorate Applicants
Research / Training / Teaching Plan - For Post-Doctorate and Staff Applicants
Home University Support Letter 
Research Journal – For Doctorate, Post-Doctorate and Staff Grantees 

Selection Results

To find out selection results from EU-METALIC II cohort 3 round 2, click here.

(Last updated 24.11.16).  


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