​Select one of the 20 EU-METALIC partners below for contact information and links to the respective web​sites. There is also a Partner Information Sheet for each partner containing important information regarding language requirements, term dates and important contact details.​​


Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

​​Street Address: International Office, 200 Western Avenue,
City: Cardiff
Post code: CF5 2YB
Country: Wales, UK
Web site:
Name of Contact Person: Anna Dukes
Phone: 00 442920 417034

École Centrale de Nantes, France

Street Address: 1,Rue de la Noe, BP 92101   
City: Nantes Cedex 3
Post code: 44321​​
Country: France
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Prof. Fouad Bennis
Phone: 00 240372574

La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Street Address: Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 (CU007)
City: Roma
Post code: 00185
Country: Italy
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Andrea Corese
Phone: 00 39 0649690424 

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Street Address: Kaiserswerther Starasse 16-18
City: Berlin
Post code: 14195
Country: Germany
Name of Contact person: Dr Elke Löschhorn

University of Bologna, Italy

Street Address: Via Zamboni 33

City: Bologna
Post code: 40126
Country: Italy 
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Ms. Livia Mercatelli 
Phone: 0039 0512099752

University of Bordeaux, France

treet Address: Cours de la Liberation
City: Talence Cedex
Post code: 33405
Country: France
Web site: (in French) (in English)
Name of Contact Person: Ms. Anna Geryokova
Phone: 00 33 540008333

University of Montpellier, France

Street Address: 5 Boulevard Henri IV - CS 19044
City: Monpellier Cedex 2
Post code: 34967
Country: France
Web site:​
Name of Contact Person: Jerome PAPEROU
Email: or/and
Phone: +33 4 34 43 25 80 

University of Graz, Austria

Street Address: Universitaetsplatz 3
City: Graz
Post code: 8010 
Country: Austria
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Mag. Blaz Ploj 
Phone: +43-316-380-2214 ​

University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain​

Street Address: Colexio de San Xerome, Praza do Obradoiro s/n 
City: Santiago de Compostela 
Post code: 15782
Country: Spain
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Enrique López Veloso 

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Street Address: Trg m. Tita
City: Zagreb
Post code: HR-10000
Country: Croatia
Web site:
Name of Contact Person: Ms. Pitner Zeljka
Phone: 00 38514698105

University Hassan II Casablanca, Morocco

Street Address: 19, Rue Tarik Ibnou Ziad, MP 9167 Mers Sultan
City: Casablanca
Post code: 
Country: Morocco
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Mr Komat Abdellatif
Phone: 00 212 22433077 

Superior Institute of Science and Technology, Morocco

Street Address: 87, Boulevard Nador, Quartier Polo
City: Casablanca
Post code: 20420
Country: Morocco
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Dr Tariq Obaide
Phone: 00 212 522211680 

Ains Shams University, Egypt

Street Address: Abbassia, Khalifa Maamoon Street
City: Cairo
Post code: 11566
Country: Egypt
Web site: htt// 
Name of Contact Person: Prof Mohamed Hazem Abdellatif
Phone: 0020226843571

Alexandria University, Egypt

Street Address: El-Guish Road, El-Shatby
City: Alexandria
Post code: 21526
Country: Egypt
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam Tawfik (Vice President of Graduate Studies and Research)
Email: / 
Phone: +2/03/5914285
Fax: +2/03/5920956

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt

Street Address: PO Box 1029 Miami
City: Alexandria
Post code: 
Country: Egypt
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Dr.Azza El Sharabassy
Phone: 00 2010069090175

University of Tunis, Tunisia

Street Address: Boulevard du 9 avril 1938City: Tunis
Post code: 1007
Country: Tunisia
Web site:
Name of Contact Person: Belhassen BEN ZEKRI​ 
Phone: 00 216 71567322

University AbouBekr Belkaid of Tlemcem, Algeria

Street Address: 22. Rue Abi Ayed Abdelkrim BP 119 
City: Tlemcen
Post code: 13000
Country: Algeria
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Dr.Omar Behadada
Phone: 00 213 43205606 

University of Algiers 1, Algeria

Street Address: 02 Rue Didouche Mourad
City: Algiers
Post code: 016000
Country: Algeria
Web site: 
Name of Contact Person: Prof. Merzak Gharnaout
Phone: +213 66155663 1​ 

Libyan Open University, Libya

Street Address: Atareeq Asahle, Ganzoor
City: Tripoli
Post code: 1
Country: Libya
Web site:
Name of Contact Person: Dr. Abdulbaset Nagah
Phone: 00 218214874003

University of Sirte, Libya​

Street Address: PO Box 674 
City: Sirte
Post code: 
Country: Libya
Web site:
Name of Contact Person: Dr Saleh Elawgali
Phone: 00 218 913717679 

Associate Partners

European Students UnionBelgium
Santander Group European Universities NetworkBelgium
Scholars at Risk (SAR)United States
South Wales Chamber of Commerce UK​​
Ministry of HE - EgyptEgypt
Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF)Egypt
Federation of Egyptian Chambers of CommerceEgypt
Ministry of HE - LibyaLibya
Ministry of HE - MoroccoMorocco
Ministry of HE - Algeria Algeria
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dahra, Mostaganem Algeria
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chlef Algeria
Ministry of HE - Tunisia Tunisia 

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