Research & Doctoral Opportunities




Five Reasons to Choose the WCTR for Your Studies:

  1. The only UK tourism research centre of its kind to be producing world-leading and internationally excellent research;

  2. Based in a brand new state-of-the-art £20 million building with superb teaching and research facilities;

  3. Located in the heart of Wales’ capital of Cardiff, a dynamic city with a global reputation in sport and culture; 

  4. One of the largest tourism, hospitality and events centres in the UK, home to world c​lass academics producing key books and driving international research networks; 

  5. Excellent research degree completion rates (almost 20 students have defended their theses during 2009-2010) and employment prospects (most of our former PhD students are now published academics or senior managers).​

The WCTR has an international reputation for its long standing research degree programme. We have dozens of research degree alumni working in senior tourism, hospitality and events management and education positions all over the world, from the USA, New Zealand, Oman, and Egypt to Abu Dhabi, Ghana and Dubai, as well as of course in the UK and here in Wales. 


We currently have a dynamic and vibrant international research student community of over 30 students enrolled as MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorate candidates in both critical and applied research. Many of these candidates are international students funded by scholarships from their governments and our students come from countries such as: Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Oman, Poland, Republic of Ireland and Spain. 

We have three full-time CMU-funded students, including holders of two of Cardiff Metropolitan University's 10 Vice-Chancellor Doctoral Awards, created to fund world-leading research projects across the University. 

Current and previous doctoral projects include studies of:

•  Destination development in Libya; 
•  Stakeholder involvement in tourism development in Oman;
•  Rebranding fatigued tourism destinations in Spain;
•  Tourism experiences of individuals with visual impairment;
•  Employment experiences of Central and Eastern European female migrant workers in the UK hospitality and tourism industry;
•  Gender and power in hospitality kitchen operations;
•  Risk and cold water diving;
•  Young people’s alcohol drinking behaviours;
•  The internationalisation of the tourism PhD experience;
•  Cruise ships as liminal spaces;
•  Events and cultural tourism in Wales.

We welcome applications from graduates who are wishing to pursue MPhil and PhD programmes related to our areas of expertise.  We also welcome applications for our Professional Doctorate (DBA) which involves the identification of a change project in a professional context and focuses on the development of new professional practice.  

For details of our research degree programme and an application form, please email  For an informal conversation about your ideas, contact Dr Claire Haven-Tang.​