Sport Governance

​​​​Cardiff School of Sport & Health Science is a recognised centre of excellence within the United Kingdom. We have established a national reputation for the quality of our teaching, research and enterprise work. We have partnered with the Department of Human Sciences, Society and Health of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio - following successful collaboration on a European sport governance research project - to provide consulting advice and development services to Boards in elite sport across Europe.​​

Sport Governance challenges and opportunities

​Elite sport operates in an increasingly competitive, commercial and complex environment where the demands of winning, viability and adaptability require skilled Board leadership. A contemporary and business like Board is expected, amongst other things, to make considered strategic decisions, proactively manage risk and realise value on financial investment. There are many examples of professional practice and real performance. Boards that operate in an open, fair and effective manner work collaboratively with the operational executive, foster confidence and trust in the wider stakeholder community and contribute positively to organisational success.

Sport Governance advice and services​

While the opportunities and challenges confronting sports organisations can be significant we work in partnership with the Board to maintain perspective, focus on priorities and implement realistic and sustainable improvements in performance. We always remember that we have been invited to work with your organisation and our priority is to maximise your potential and capability through our academic knowledge and applied experience of sports governance.

At a practical level our advice and services typically comprise strategic reviews, performance audits, interactive workshops, training programmes, team development events, executive coaching and professional mentoring. The key is what works best for you in delivering what you want to achieve.

Further Information

​If you would like to talk further about our Sport Governance services please contact Dr Mark Lowther on:
tel: +44 (0)7563 158683