Performance Analysis

Performance analysis staff interests include factors influencing sports performance, the effectiveness of performance analysis support within coaching contexts, physical demands and injury risk associated with movement in sport. A specific example of current research is actual sports performance of athletes with different relative ages.

Main Areas of Research Include:

  • Work-rate analysis of team games.
  • Tactical aspects of racket sports.
  • Temporal analysis of martial arts performance.
  • Predictive modelling of game outcomes.
  • Economic aspects of performance analysis provision
  • High performance management
  • Surface effect on activity profiles
  • Performance profiling.
  • Effect of situational variables on sports performance.
  • Effectiveness of performance analysis support in coaching contexts
  • Agility requirements of formal games
  • Injury risk of movements performed in sports
  • Automatic recognition of tactical patterns in player tracking data
  • Ethical, health and safety issues in sports performance analysis

Performance Analysis Staff

Lucy Holmes

Dr Gemma Robinson

Dr Peter O'Donoghue

Huw Wiltshire