Physiology and Health



Physiology and health staff interests are wide-reaching covering performance, health and fundamental aspects of physiology. Specific examples of current research activities include neuromuscular development in child athletes, the influence of exercise upon cardiac structure and function in pregnancy, a comparison of the effects of interval versus steady state exercise training on post-exercise hypotension, and the role of exercise in the evolution of the human heart.

Main Areas of Research Include:

  • The athlete's heart
  • The child athlete
  • Chemotherapy and cardiovascular function
  • Mechanics that underpin cardiac function
  • Exercise as an adjunctive therapy
  • High altitude cardiovascular physiology
  • Physiology of athletes with spinal cord injury
  • Upper body exercise: determinants and applications
  • The female heart
  • Comparative cardiology / cardiovascular disease in great apes
  • Ventricular-arterial interactions
  • Cerebral blood flow
  • Thermoregulation

Research Staff
Professor Steve Cooper
Dr Joseph Esformes
Dr Michael G Hughes
Dr Rhodri Lloyd
Dr Jon Oliver
Dr Anwen Jones
Dr Chris Pugh
Dr Paul Smith
Dr David Wasley
Research Officer
Aimee Drane