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 Non-accredited courses

To enrol on the following free non-accredited courses, there is no minimum entry requirement.

Introduction to Youth & Community Education

More and more people are keen to make a difference in their communities but lack the knowledge about how best to get involved. This course is designed as an introduction for those who wish to undertake professional training in youth and community work and those who would like to know more about studying in this area. It is ideal for people who care about their community and want to know more, and it is also good for youth or community workers with little previous experience of studying. Themes that will be developed within the course include: learning from experience, coping in new surroundings and understanding others. This course will provide an insight into the roles and skills required by those working with young people in the community. You will identify and assess different communities and define the concepts of youth and young people.

Dates and times
Every Tuesday: 18th January 2022 - 15th February 2022
7pm - 9pm
Venue: Online - Microsoft Teams

​Non accredited. Select 'Introduction to Youth & Community Education 2122_1' on the enrolment form. 

Child Development

​This short course introduces students to the 'Value of play' and the potential it offers in supporting babies and young children's development. Through the exploration of various concepts and ideologies, students will gain knowledge and understanding of the child's pursuit of play and identify ways to successfully endorse it. Progression from this course will be the Children and Childhood in the Early Years level 3 accredited module.

Dates and times
Every Wednesday 19th January 2022 - 16th February 2022
11am - 1pm
Venue: Online - Microsoft Teams

​Non accredited. Select 'Child Development 2122_1' on the enrolment form.

Introduction to Health & Social Care

​During this session you will learn about the wide range of interesting opportunities there are for you within the field of Health & Social Care. You will gain an insight into the laws within Health & Social Care, along with an introduction to communication skills, partnership working and professional practice. The session is designed to be interactive, drawing on participants lived experiences to make the connections to community and health. The session is suitable for people who are interested in working in health and social care roles and should provide some suggested pathways into these careers. There will also be an opportunity to talk about the transition to student and some of the key skills required.

Dates and times
Every Thursday: 27th January 2022 - 17th February 2022
10am - 12 noon
Venue: Online - Microsoft Teams

​​​Non-accredited. Select 'Introduction to Health & Social Care 2122_2' on the enrolment form.

Advanced Writing for Fun

​This course aims to build on your writing skills, improve your knowledge of the craft and work towards developing a complete short story. There will be an emphasis on technical skills, we will explore the process of editing and  looking at revision techniques to craft our written piece.  Group support in the form of workshopping and guided exercises will help each individual to achieve their potential and produce a polished finished piece that we aim to publish online.

Dates and times
Every Tuesday: 1st March 2022 - 29th March 2022
1pm - 3pm
Venue: Online - Microsoft Teams

​Non-accredited. Select 'Advanced Writing for Fun 2122_2' on the enrolment form.

Introduction to Research

​This course is intended for anyone who wishes to progress with their studies.  You will participate in discussions about the vital importance of research in our society and gain a better understanding of the science behind observing human behaviour. Over five weeks you will learn to distinguish between different research methods, critically analyse bias and ethical considerations when researching human behaviours and look at how we can balance both. We will look at a range of published research studies to illustrate the powerful impact research has on our understanding of human behaviour and discuss how research is used to inform policy and politics.  The course will challenge you to grow your critical thinking skills and use it to distinguish what is true science and what is fake news. 

Dates and times
Wednesdays: 9th March 2022 - 6th April 2022
12.30pm - 2.30pm
Venue: Online - Microsoft Teams

​​Non accredited. Select 'Introduction to Research 2122_1' on the enrolment form.

My experience as an Adult Learner

Do you know want to know what's it like being an adult learner at Cardiff Met? Listen to our Learners stories as they share their experience of returning to education and starting their own learning journeys.

Dates and times
Venue: Online - YouTube

​Enrolment NOT REQUIRED.