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 Non-accredited courses

To enrol on the following free non-accredited courses, there is no minimum entry requirement.

Introduction to Health & Social Care

​During this session you will learn about the wide range of interesting opportunities there are for you within the field of Health & Social Care. You will gain an insight into the laws within Health & Social Care, along with an introduction to communication skills, partnership working and professional practice. The session is designed to be interactive, drawing on participants lived experiences to make the connections to community and health. The session is suitable for people who are interested in working in health and social care roles and should provide some suggested pathways into these careers. There will also be an opportunity to talk about the transition to student and some of the key skills required.

Dates and times
Every Monday: 9th January 2023 - 6th February 2023
9.30m - 11.30am
Venue: Palmerston Community Education Centre

​​​Non-accredited. Select 'Introduction to Health & Social Care 2223_2' on the enrolment form.

Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is a fascinatingly diverse subject that appeals to many people. From the course you will gain an introduction into the study of psychology through consideration of some of the main subject areas such as social behaviour of people, child development and understanding the brain to understand behaviour. We will also introduce the types of methods that psychologists use to understand human behaviour. Each workshop will involve mini-lectures as well as practical activities to aid an understanding of the research base of psychology.

Dates and times
Every Wednesday: 11th January 2023 - 8th February 2023
9.30am - 11.30am
Venue: Willows High School

Non-Accredited. Select "Introduction to Psychology 2223_4" on the enrolment form.​​​​

Creative Writing & Illustration

​This short course combines art or illustration with the written word.  Increase your written skills, critical thinking and reflection through collaboration with others. The course will encourage open group discussion, positive feed-back to encourage personal growth, increase technical ability and build confidence.

Dates and times
Thursday 19th January - 16th February 2023
10.30am - 12.30pm
Venue: STAR Hub

​Non accredited. Select 'Creative Wrtiting & Illustration 2223_2' on the Enrolment Form.

My experience as an Adult Learner

Do you know want to know what's it like being an adult learner at Cardiff Met? Listen to our Learners stories as they share their experience of returning to education and starting their own learning journeys.

Dates and times
Venue: Online - YouTube

​Enrolment NOT REQUIRED.