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Cardiff Met Journeys


The aim of the Cardiff Met Journeys project is to celebrate the success of the adult learners featured in this book and to hopefully inspire others who may be considering returning to learning.

Twelve current or recent adult learners who studied at Cardiff Met were invited to take part by talking about their journey into Higher Education and beyond. The book is a written transcript of these stories. The learners featured tell their own story in their own words. Some have successfully overcome a wide range of barriers to succeed in Higher Education.  

Many of the featured learners have reached Higher Education via a number of pathways. Some started their journey attending community based courses, some came through the First Campus project and others through Further Education. 

It is a delight to share these positive experiences and heart warming stories of success. It is clear from these stories that with the right support, the chance to grow self confidence and some self-belief, adult learners can become students and gain qualifications they may previously never of dreamed of. 

The learners featured here are excellent role models for other adults thinking about returning to learning. We are sharing their stories with you in the hope you find them so inspirational that you are moved into taking the steps necessary to develop your own interests and find your own learning path.

Download the Cardiff Met Journeys booklet

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