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Panopto ReView support

Panopto ReView online support pages

​These resources are designed​ to support your use of Panopto ReView integrated with Moodle.  This is how most staff use the system.
If you have any queries not addressed by the below resources, please email ​review@cardiffmet.ac.uk​​ and if you'd like Panopto ReView staff training, please click here​ to book on via Learning Pool.

This guide has been produced to support staff who may need to work at home

The process for getting started using Panopto with Moodle is outlined below:

Activate Panopto!
How to Activate Panopto - VIDEO
How to Activate Panopto - GUIDE

​To use Panopto ReView you need an account.  This is created automatically when you Activate Panopto in any Moodle Module.  You'll also need to Activate Panopto in any additional modules where you wish to add content. This activation process creates a Panopto folder specifically for each Moodle module, which inherits Moodle permissions, so that only your students can view your videos
Record content
Using the Panopto recorder - VIDEO
Recorder: Logging on - GUIDE
Recorder: Checks/orientation - GUIDE
Recorder: Making recordings - GUIDE

You can log onto the 
Panopto Recorder (at home, on your on-campus machine, and in Panopto-ready teaching rooms) using your standard Cardiff Met logon.
This allows you to directly record into specific module folders - ready for adding to Moodle

Add activity!
Adding Panopto to Moodle - VIDEO
Adding Panopto to Moodle - GUIDE

​Panopto ReView content can be added to modules without having to copy & paste links or embed code.  You can use 'Add an Activity or Resource > Panopto' to directly add relevant Panopto content to your modules. Students are also now able to use Notes, Bookmarks and Discussions