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Seminar Series - Classroom Flipping

Classroom Flipping

Collaborative lunchtime seminar with Cardiff University,  Friday 7th April 2017

Llŷr Roberts, Kate Gilliver and friends!

Flipping the classroom

As part of the Inspiring Excellence Seminar Series, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Cardiff University collaborated to offer this free event exploring the evolving pedagogy of the flipped classroom.

The seminar introduced colleagues to the opportunities provided by electronic capture/delivery systems such as Panopto to 'flip' the classroom. This methodology allows you to use contact hours more creatively to positively impact the experience of your students.

Delegates had the opportunity to experience a flipped classroom, and then hear case studies from Llŷr Roberts (Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Met) and Dr Kate Gilliver (Director of Teaching & Learning for the School of History, Archaeology & Religion, Cardiff University) describing how they've successfully used flipped approaches in their practice.
The event concluded with a very stimulating panel discussion, addressing reflections and questions submitted by attendees, before conversations continued over a buffet lunch!

The Panopto recordings from the seminar can be accessed below:
Ade & Ada pre-event video - to set the scene, and provide a 'flipped' element to the event!
Llŷr Roberts case study - Flipping Research Methods
Kate Gilliver case study - Flipping the Roman Army
Panel Discussion - Llŷr Roberts, Kate Gilliver, Karl Luke & Ada Huggett-Fieldhouse

For innovative ideas to fill contact time freed-up by classroom flipping, please see below:
10 things to do with freed-up lecture time
Apps to enliven lectures - polls and quizzes
Apps to enliven lectures - miscellaneous

If you have any queries regarding the event, please email: review@cardiffmet.ac.uk