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Getting your work ready for Print

There are a few simple ways to help us provide exactly what you're looking for.

Save as PDF

Saving your files in PDF format ensures that we can open them easily and should prevent anything from moving around.

When we print Office documents, for example, text or images are often affected, printing on the wrong page or not at all. If you're printing a large document (a dissertation, for example) this is likely to cause problems throughout the document and can quickly become an expensive error.

Most software will export to PDF format easily. If you're having trouble then just pop in to see us or alternatively see the I.T. helpdesk for support.


Remember what you've saved

We're going to need to know the names of the files that you want to print, so make a note of them before coming to see us. It may sound obvious but often work is located inside multiple folders. We'd advise saving everything you require into a folder named 'Print Studio' to make it easy when you visit.

Please note we'll need to keep your USB stick until we've printed your work.

Due to the number of different cloud based file sharing services, and most of them requiring separate accounts, we can't accept files through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

​Check with your Tutor

With so many courses and deadlines it's unlikely that we'll know exactly what you need to create.

If you're not sure what size you need to produce, or the type of binding required, please check with your tutor before submitting to us.



Allow yourself some time

The University is pretty big so our two Print Studio's can get very busy. We know that you have deadlines and sometimes things are tight. We'll try and get things done as fast as possible for you but please be aware that our turnaround time can vary. We'd advise always allowing a few days for things like posters to ensure we can complete your work. We'd also always encourage you to pop in and have a chat about your deadline in advance.

We also promote the use of self-service printers for A4 and A3 printing, giving us more time to produce the specialist stuff like posters and book binding. Although it'd be convenient if we could help with all your small jobs, we think you'll thank us when you need specialist printing in a rush!



Be aware of colour

Creating prints with accurate colours is easier said than done. In practice, your computer screen is capable of producing colours than cannot be achieved with print. For example, if you hold a white sheet of paper next to a bright white image on your monitor they'll look very different - this is before we even begin printing!

We'll try really hard to get the colours right for your work, although if accurate colour is critical to this work then be sure to mention it before we start printing and our staff can help find the best option for you.