Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technology 2


iTILT 2 (Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technology) is an European Project funded by the Erasmus Plus programme (2014-17). The project investigates the effective use of interactive technologies for task-based language teaching (TBLT). The project builds on, and extends, the EU project iTILT (interactive Technologies in Language Teaching) funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme (KA2 Languages, 2011-13), focusing on the interactive whiteboard (IWB) for teaching foreign languages. iTILT 2 moves beyond the IWB to focus on developing effective teaching and learning of second languages with a wider range of new and emerging interactive technologies, such as iPads, tablet PCs, learner response systems, and videoconferencing software. The educational contexts vary from primary and secondary schools, to vocational co​lleges and universities.

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