Seminar Series

Intentional Communities Research Group 

The Intentional Communities Research Group are running a set of interdisciplinary seminars over the next 6 months.   This is an international cross university research group including academics, researchers and some PhD students.  

The connecting thread is that of Intentional Communities, but often intersects themes such as wellbeing, the environment and alternative ways of living (including cohousing, self sufficiency and ageing).  

We meet bi-monthly and have a mixture of guest speakers and discussion / presentation opportunities. 
EST = 12.00 – 2.00 midday
GMT = 5.00 - 7.000pm
GMT+2 = 7.00 - 9.00pm

Tuesday 12th October

Professor Silvia Rode, director of the Centre for Communal Studies, University of Southern Indiana, who will be talking to us about the process of creating and managing an archive and the collection they hold.

Tuesday 14th December

Alternative (solidarity) economics.  

February 15th

Ageing and Intentional Community

April 12th


June 14th


If you would be interested in attending, joining, or presenting please get in touch: