Cardiovascular Health & Ageing

​The Cardiovascular Health and Ageing research theme comprises of a number of internationally recognised research groups. Our work targets the molecular basis, cellular pathology and clinical physiology of vascular and neurodegenerative diseases. We have a long-standing focus on vascular homeostasis and inflammation and mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease.

The Cardiovascular Health and Ageing theme is home to large scale clinical trials in cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis, and optimised therapy and also houses Stroke Hub Wales, an initiative funded by the Welsh Government that provides a coordinated network and central resource to support and develop Stroke research, education and innovation across Wales.

We have special interest in bioactive compounds (nutraceuticals) and ergogenic foods contained in various plant, animal (dairy) and cultured food systems and assisting food manufacturers to reformulate products to encourage positive changes in behaviours to improve health.

Our research has a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of our ageing population.


Research and Innovation Groups


Key Contacts

Prof Philip James - Cardiovascular Metabolism & Inflammation

Dr Barry McDonnell - Cardiovascular Physiology

Prof Jorge Erusalimsky - Cellular Senescence & Pathothysiology

Dr Andrew Thomas - Nutrition, Food and Health 

Dr Abdul Seckam - Stroke Hub Wales