Population Risk and Healthcare

​The Population Risk and Healthcare theme encompasses a diverse range of specialist areas with a principal focus of public health, safety and wellbeing, and the Centres within our School play a key role in a number of the research groups below. 
Our ZERO2FIVE Food Industry centre with its internationally recognised expertise in the food and drink industry provides food safety research in a number of areas including food safety in domestic and healthcare settings, whilst the Centre for Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE) is a research and consultancy unit which is a pivotal element of the work carried out in the Occupational, Environmental Public Health group. Work here includes bioaerosol research into effects on human health and poverty related diseases.
An exciting development is the newly formed Centre for Health, Activity and Wellbeing Research where a number of groups, including COAL, Psychology and Change Behaviours, and Public Health and Wellbeing, will be actively engaging. The work within these groups includes: the benefits of outdoors and volunteering on mental wellbeing; Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) and complementary therapies; and delivery and evaluation of complex health related interventions to improve health and wellbeing.
In addition, examples of health care focused research and innovation activity includes bilingual speech development and audiology in Speech, Hearing and Communication, and the Microbiology and Infection group focuses on the investigation of human pathogens of bacterial, fungal and viral origin.


Research and Innovation Groups


Key Contacts

Dr Rhiannon Phillips - Applied Psychology and Behaviour Change  

Dr Elizabeth Redmond - Food Safety

Dr Sarah Maddocks - Microbiology & Infection

Prof George Karani - Occupational & Environmental Public Health

Dr Britt Hallingberg - Public Health & Wellbeing

Dr Robert Mayr - Speech, Hearing & Communication