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Nutrition and Diet Research Group

​The group's ethos is to establish and promote accessibility of healthy and appropriate nutrition for all members of the community. The Nutrition and Food group have a wide range of interests, with a general focus towards the application of food and nutrition research and its efficacy. Working with a wide range of contributors, from Welsh Government to school children and industry to patients, we aim to explore the complexities of applying dietary advice in everyday settings.

Research Areas

Food marketing and dental health

Our research investigates how foods that are deleterious to health (such as novelty sweets and sports drinks) are marketed in children's magazines, TV adverts and promotional literature available in dental surgeries. We are also interested in developing 'tooth-friendly' prebiotic drinks to help reduce the rate of dental erosion and caries. 

Food and sugar references in childrens magazines 

Influencing dietary change

This research describes the strategies employed that aim to influence changes in diet in different target groups. For example, in collaboration with researchers at Cardiff University, we examine the simple mechanisms by which the food supply in Cardiff generally, and also in Cardiff schools specifically, can be made both more environmentally friendly and more nutritious. We are also interested in the uInter-professional research findingsse of group (rather than individual) settings for facilitating dietary change, for example, commercial weight loss programmes. We conduct our research using qualitative interviews with Dieticians in practice, observational research of groups in action, and systematic reviews of evidence bases. The influence of internal and external loci of control on attitudes towards weight and weight gain are also being investigated in two areas of South Wales. This will provide information on the effectiveness of clinical and public health obesity initiatives in targeting overweight and obese individuals as it is assumed that most participants may have an internal locus of control. In addition to this, we are exploring the recommendations for targeting those with an external locus of control.

Dissemination of nutritional information

We are interested in how the delivery of nutritional information to specific groups Interprofessional students working with stroke survivors

may influence their actions. For example, our work address issues concerning the nutritional knowledge of dental versus nutrition students in terms of oral versus whole body health. Preliminary work suggests large discrepancies in the nutritional knowledge and advice given between the student groups. Additionally, we are interested in evaluating Dietician's and other Healthcare professionals' knowledge, perceptions and practices with respect to food safety advice to 'at-risk' immunosuppressed patients. This work is in collaboration with members of the Food Safety Research group. We are also interested in the role of team working in the dissemination of health messages and collaborative health working. Current work in collaboration with Cardiff University seeks to evaluate the experiences of students (part of the student volunteer scheme) and stroke survivors on a Stroke Rehabilitation ward.


Group Members

Senior Lecturer
Professor Arthur Tatham, Professor of Food Science and Nutrition

Denise Parish
Programme Director
(Human Nutrition and Dietetics)
Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer


Programme Director (Public Health Nutrition)
Dr Anita Setarehnejad,





Dr Elizabeth Redmond, Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences

Dr Ellen Evans, Cardiff School of Sport & Health Sciences



Maria Morgan, Cardiff University School of Dentistry

Professor Margaret Hunter, Cardiff University School of Dentistry

Professor Jeremy Rees, Cardiff University School of Dentistry

Professor Alistair Sloan, Cardiff University School of Dentistry

Dr Andrea Collins, Cardiff University School of Geography and Planning


Key Publications

Aljawad A., Morgan MZ., Rees JS., Fairchild RM. The availability of novelty sweets within high school localities. British Dental Journal. 2016 Jun; 220 (11): 575-9.

Broughton D., Fairchild RM., Morgan MZ. A survey of sports drinks consumption amongst adolescents. British Dental Journal. 2016 Jun; 220 (12): 639-43.

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