Ade Clark - Senior Learning Developer (Media)

Ade Clark
Senior Learning Developer (Media)    
Room number: M0.01    
Extension Number: 5731    
e-mail:​   ​ 

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My role as Cardiff Met's Senior Learning Developer (Media) involves promoting and supporting the use of media within learning and teaching. I work with academic staff enhancing and redesigning materials to incorporate media such as video and audio - to make the learning process more effective & flexible, and to enrich the student experience.
Panopto ReView:
I'm the project manager for the Panopto ReView system - which facilitates staff to quickly and easily create electronic learning content, both within the classroom environment, and as additional bespoke resources.
I’m a member of the team within QED who support the PgCTHE.  I deliver on a number of workshops, and support the running of the programme.

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