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ReView (Panopto)


​​Panopto ReView is a content capture system, that allows staff to record material either in class, or on their laptop/PC.  Students can then access recorded material on-demand - enhancing their experience of studying at Cardiff Met.
The system is very simple and straightforward for staff to use, and offers students the ability to navigate around recordings to easily find the content they need.

  • Students can revisit learning - for revision, and to facilitate repeated viewing of complex content
  • Provides support​ for students whose first language is not English - allowing them to digest content at their own pace
  • Learning can be delivered to geographically diverse students. ReView facilitates access by TNE students across the globe
  • Students with a disability can utilise lecture recordings to assist them accessing learning content
  • Supports 'Flipped' approaches - where core lecture content is delivered via ReView, freeing up contact time for further development  & reinforcement 
  • ReView facilitates detailed note-taking subsequent to the lecture
  • Offers greater flexibility & a more student-centered approach - students can manage their time most effectively around other commitments
  • For staff, ReView offers an opportunity for training/development, reflective practice, collaboration and sharing of recordings
Cardiff Met has completed a three-year project to roll out Panopto ReView across the University.  This involved equipping 88 pool teaching spaces across the University with a webcam and microphone to facilitate capture using the Panopto recording software.
The installations are intentionally basic, to allow simple capture with minimum disruption to the teaching environment. Staff can also record on their PC/laptop - allowing them to quickly and easily create digital learning content.
In addition, QED offers a small, sound-proofed recording room - providing a quiet space with an appropriate suite of tools in order to facilitate staff wishing to record Panopto ReView content. The room is a shared resource with IPO, so may be busy.  Staff wishing to book it should email review@cardiffmet.ac.uk

ReView is an opt-in system, so staff are not required to record their teaching sessions.  It's a tool to be used where appropriate and of value to both staff and students.

If you're interested in finding out more about ReView, please contact review@cardiffmet.ac.uk​ to discuss your ideas​

For information on the  'Classroom Flipping' event that took place on 7th April 2017, please click here

Select! Record! Reflect! week took place 15th-19th Oct 2018 - for more information, please click here

Get inspired! see how others are using Panopto within HE: www.panopto.com/showcase​​