How to apply for doctoral study

It is essential that you download and carefully read the Before You Apply guide before you apply. ​

Each year we receive a number of applications from potential students who do not follow the advice set out in this guide who are rejected because their application is not suitable for our School or prepared in such a way as to convince the CSAD doctoral admissions panel that the applicant is ready for the exceptional demands of Research Degree study. 

Applications for admission to doctoral awards is usually made by means of the submission of an initial research study application proposal together with a University application form and the identification of people who are willing to act as referees. 

All applications for admission to doctoral awards are considered by the Cardiff School of Art & Design Doctoral Application Panel comprised of experienced doctoral research supervisors. 

It is important to do some research first to be clear about where you think your application is best directed and the application deadlines for the award you wish to study. 

 You are strongly advised to make contact with potential supervisors or the specific doctoral programme to discuss your ideas prior to application. 

Once you make a formal application to study towards a doctoral award it will be considered by the Cardiff School of Art & Design Doctoral Application Panel in the following ways:
● An assessment from your application of your academic suitability and experience (including your English language skills).
●  An assessment from your application of the viability or feasibility of your intended research project.
●  An assessment from your application of the fit between your intended research project with the research expertise in Cardiff Metropolitan University and whether an appropriate supervisory team can be identified.
●  Following up with academic and personal references. 

As part of the application process applicants will be invited to attend an interview (either face-to-face or at a distance). This offers applicants an opportunity to discuss their proposed project with members of the doctoral awards application panel. 

If a conditional offer of admission is made, applicants will need to fulfil any requirements that are stipulated and provide relevant documentary evidence before enrolment can commence. For more information please refer to

Once you are offered a place to study for a doctoral award you will be invited to enrol via the Universities online self-service facility. 

●  Enrolment for all PhD programmes commences in September each academic year. *
●  Enrolment for Professional Doctorates commence in October or March each academic year. 

You will be applying to Cardiff School of Art and Design almost certainly because there is a member of staff or a group of staff here whose research connects with your own interest, and who you would like to have as a supervisor (you can have up to three supervisors). 

Your supervisors will have an influence on the direction your research takes, so before you submit your formal proposal, we recommend you approach the person or people you have in mind informally to discuss your ideas and to gauge their interest. Make it clear in your formal proposal how this discussion has guided your thinking. 

 For more information on the application process, please read the Before You Apply guide. Once your application has been considered one of the following decisions will be made: 

●  (a) to accept your application unconditionally;
●  (b) to accept it with conditions;
●  (c) to recommend amendments and re-application; or
●  (d) to reject it. Applicants should allow between 6 and 12 weeks for this process to be completed. 

 Our PhD doctoral research degree programmes start each year in September. 

Applications must reach Cardiff Metropolitan University Admissions by the following deadlines to qualify for the appropriate start date: 

 PhD application deadline 
● 30th April for all awards leading to PhD. 

Professional doctorate application deadlines
● 30th September for enrolment to commence Professional Doctorate in November
● 28th February for enrolment to commence Professional Doctorate in April

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