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Occupational and Environmental Public Health

The Occupational and Environmental Public Health discipline covers a wide range of topics including food safety, environmental protection, public health, occupational health, safety and wellbeing and housing.

The primary aim of the discipline team is to help communities, organisations and individuals to develop the skills needed to create a positive, healthy and safe living and working environment.

Courses and Training


Foundation leading to BSc Health Sciences

BSc (Hons) Environmental Health


MSc Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing

MSc Applied Public Health

Short Courses

A number of our Masters modules are also available as short credit or non-credit bearing modules.  For more details please click on the Postgraduate course links above.  

We are also able to help design and deliver bespoke credit and non-credit bearing (Certified) short courses. Please contact a member of the team to discuss your requirements. Examples include:

Introduction to Health Protection Legislation – 1-day course for health protection professionals.  Social Determinants & Health Inequalities – 1-day CPD course for public health professionals. For details please contact  Alastair Tomlinson

Residential Property Construction - Short online course explaining the fundamentals of residential housing construction and services. (20 credits). For details please contact hdawson@cardiffmet.ac.uk

International Training Centre


The international training centre is the central hub for the delivery and development of training and continuing professional education in a broad range of discipline areas within the School of Sport & Health Sciences at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

For more details on the training offered please go to International Training Centre

External Engagement

The Occupational Public and Environmental Health team work closely with public and private sector industry to develop collaborative opportunities in consultancy and contract research. 

Our consultancy services include: 

·       Centre for Health, Safety and Environment

A dedicated centre which specialises in occupational and environmental monitoring. 

We have an extensive range of laboratory facilities to service consultancy work including microbiology, environmental chemistry, environmental and occupational monitoring and food safety.

We are also able to aid in the development of intervention design, delivery and evaluation in the following topic areas. 
Please click on the appropriate link for the contact details of a relevant member of the team. They will be more than willing to discuss your requirements.   

·       Employee engagement and wellbeing
·       Public Health
·       Food Safety
·       Environmental Protection
·       Housing 

In addition to the above we also have the following collaborative opportunities:

Health and Wellbeing Employers Forum  - For more details contact Val Scholey

Student placements - For more details contact Henry Dawson


Our academic team include researchers who are internationally recognised in their fields of expertise and we have a healthy and expanding body of research students.

The focus of our research activities are applied in nature and designed to influence and support public, private and overseas organisations. These activities greatly enhance and inform curriculum development and delivery.

Key areas of activity include:

Environmental Public Health Research Group

Centre for Health, Safety and Environment

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

The discipline team under take contract research in a number of areas.

Occupational Health and Safety / Occupational Hygiene

Contract research projects include occupational monitoring of workplace hazards, particularly dust and bio aerosols in waste treatment and endotoxins analysis.

We also have experience in chemical, heavy metals and particulate exposure assessment,  risk assessment and risk mitigation.

See Centre for Health, Safety and Environment for details or please email psykes@cardiffmet.ac.uk or jallen@cardiffmet.ac.uk to discuss your requirements.


Example contract research case studies

2013: Cosmetic piercing – developing the evidence base. Research design project for Welsh Government - to support policy development and Ministerial statements on legislation relating to the health impacts of cosmetic piercing, Welsh Government identified that research might be needed to investigate the prevalence of cosmetic piercing in Wales and the associated health risks. This research report evaluated potential approaches for investigating these issues, and proposed a phased research design (cross-sectional study followed by case-control study) accompanied by indicative budget figures.

2017: Independent review of smoking cessation services in Wales - Working with Emma George Consulting, undertook rapid review of the future delivery of smoking cessation services in Wales. This involved a review of published systematic reviews relating to effective smoking cessation interventions and services, and qualitative interviews with key stakeholders, leading to production of recommendations and potential options for the future provision of smoking cessation services in Wales. Interim findings have been presented to Welsh Government’s Tobacco Control Strategic Board, and we expect the final research report to be published by Welsh Government in early 2018.

Please contact Alastair Tomlinson or Mel Jones for further enquiries


Internationalisation plays an important role in all aspects of the discipline, from delivering internationally recognised programmes to developing projects and collaborations with other institutions across the world.

Examples include:

  • Honorary Doctorate - Professor Mabel Imbuga 2018. To find out more please go to Honorary Doctorate - Professor Mabel Imbuga 2018
  • Environmental Public Health Research Group. To find out more please go to Environmental Public Health Research Group
  • MSc Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing programme in Singapore. To find out more go to DIMENSIONS International College in Singapore
  • ERASMUS+ funded project between Cardiff Met and the Modern University of Business and Science (MUBS) - Lebanon
  • Staff and student visits to Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda
  • Student presentations at the International Federation of Environmental Health World Conference in Malawi
  • ALSADI Changing Lives Foundation and Cardiff Met student student visit to Jordan
  • International Training Centre.  To find out more about please go to the International Training Centre