High Performance Sport

​The High Performance Sport Group comprises an eclectic mix of academics and projects primarily interested in inter-disciplinary work. In this respect, it addresses many issues within both the current research and practical sporting domains. The defining mission of the group is to develop multi and interdisciplinary engagement with, and solutions to, a myriad of current issues within high performance sport. Two key research themes are evident through the Group’s work:


Research / Innovation Areas

High Performing Athletes and Coaches

The principal focus of this theme lies in exploring and examining high performance within sport from a variety of viewpoints. Consequently, a multi-disciplinary approach is adopted to assess and consider the actions, behaviours and performance(s) of those involved in such sport from a number of standpoints. These include physiological, psychological and biomechanical perspectives, in addition to management, pedagogy and performance analysis.                        


An Interdisciplinary Approach

Being comprised of an eclectic mix of scholars, a defining feature of the Group lies in its interdisciplinarity. Resulting projects are subsequently characterised by cross boundary development, and typically involve addressing problems that reach across many spheres. The Group is also currently working to set up a number of projects providing research and scientific support to the scholarship athletes and teams here at Cardiff Met in collaboration with Cardiff Met Sport.


Group members

Dr Ian Bezodis,
Reader in Sport Biomechanics (Group Lead)
Professor of Applied Biostatistics

Mark Lowther,
Senior Lecturer
Dr Mike Hughes,
Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Physiology
Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology
Lecturer in Sport Management


Andy Kelly,
Lecturer in Sport Rehabilitation & Massage
Lucy Holmes,
Senior Lecturer in Performance Analysis
​Owen Rodgers,
Deputy Director of Sport & Head of Performance Sport
Professor of Sport Psychology
Dr Paul Smith,
Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Physiology
​Lucy Witt,
Senior Lecturer
 Sophie Burton,
Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Biomechanics
Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology
​Sarah Wagstaff,
Lead Basketball Coach
​Prof Jon Oliver,
Professor of Applied Paediatric Exercise Science


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