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Sports Performance Analysis

​The Sports Performance Analysis research group is the largest such group in the UK including seven members of academic staff, postgraduate research students and members of staff lecturing at partner colleges.  The research done includes technique analysis, tactics in sport, work-rate analysis, effectiveness of performance analysis support in practice, performance analysis in media and judging contexts, momentum in sport, measurement issues in sports performance and professional practice in sports performance analysis.  The group run the International Journal of Sports Performance Analysis which is the only research journal in the area.


Research / Innovation Areas

Match Analysis

There is a branch of this research that analyses the technical and tactical aspects of individual and team games that are associated with successful performance.  There is another branch of this research which analyses how the process and outcome of sports performance is influenced by positional role, level of play, rule changes as well as situational variables such as venue effects, opposition style and quality, score-line effects and numerical superiority.

Physical demands

This research is concerned with the physical demands of sports performance and injury risk.  The intermittent nature of high intensity activity in game sports helps understand the energy systems used.  Detailed analysis of movement involves direction changes, accelerations, decelerations, jumps, straight line and arced movement.


Data Science in sports performance 

There are large volumes of sports performance data being analysed that are analysed using traditional statistical methods, modelling techniques, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Visual awareness and decision making 

This research is concerned with the ability of performers to respond to visual cues, employing appropriate pattern recognition strategies. The research is also concerned with the way in which performers move in response to visual cues.

Group Members

Dr Peter O'Donoghue,
Reader of Sports Performance Analysis (Group Lead)
Dr Gemma Robinson,
Senior Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis
Deputy Dean / Associate Dean of Partnerships
Senior Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis

Adam Cullinane,
Senior Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis
Gemma Davies,
Lecturer in Sports Performance Analysis
​Peter Edwards,
PhD Student


The university receives around £10,000 per year for editing the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport (Taylor and Francis)

Analysis and evaluation of individual performances in basketball, Collaborative research with Beijing Sports University