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Qualitative Research Methods & Social Theory

​The Qualitative Research Methods and Social Theory Research Group is a new group which provides a platform for staff and students who are undertaking social science research involving qualitative approaches and drawing on social theory. The group is cross-disciplinary and comprises researchers looking at a wide range of themes and topics related to sport and health. Acting as a hub the group brings researchers together to develop, interrogate, disseminate and share ideas and outputs. It also offers members the opportunity to facilitate collaboration by bringing together with a range of methodological and theoretical expertise.


Research / Innovation Areas

Qualitative Research Methods Design and Implementation

One of the key interests of the group is in developing qualitative project design by drawing on new and innovative, as well as more traditional, methods and strategies. Alongside this it focuses on how best to operationalise qualitative research design in projects in ways which maximise their effectiveness and rigour.

Qualitative Research Ethics

The group is also focused on qualitative research ethics and provides a particularly helpful environment in which to develop sound and coherent strategies for navigating the complexities of research ethics in modern day research projects and setting. This has particular relevance to the use of new research technologies and environments.


Role of Social Theory within Qualitative Social Science Research 

The group focuses on the role of social theory within qualitative social science research, how it is selected, implemented and developed in a project and in particular its relationship with dissemination to wider audiences.


Theories & Concepts 

The group also looks a particular theories and concepts that are either emergent or longstanding. The cross-disciplinary fertilisation of theoretical resources and understandings enabled by the group membership makes this a particularly useful facet for its members.

Group members

Dr David Brown,
Reader in the Sociology of Sport and Physical Culture (Research Group Lead)
Dr David Aldous,
Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy
Principal Lecturer
Principal Lecturer


Dr Leanne Freeman,
Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Karen Howells,
Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology 
Lecturer in Sport Sociology / Physical Culture
Professor of Sport and Social Theory


Mark Lowther,
Senior Lecturer
Manuel Santos, 
Paul Sellars, 
Research Officer Psychology of Talented Athlete Development and Retention
PVC Partnerships & External Engagement


Jane Barnett,
School Resources and Operations Manager



Mara Mata
Research PhD
Eastern Community Campus Sports Development Officer, Sports Facilities Management

Ellyse Olivia Hopkins
Research PhD


Examples of Funding

2019 The Transmission of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts: A Model for International Research (Xiujie MA, Handan University China, Prof, Paul Bowman Cardiff University & George Jennings Cardiff Metropolitan University) Hebei Province,  China: Social Science Fund  £4000.