Wellbeing in Demanding Environments

​Mental Health & Wellbeing in Demanding Environments is a group within the Cardiff Metropolitan Centre for Health, Activity and Wellbeing Research. Based in the Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Sport and Health Sciences, the group represents a cross disciplinary initiative that seeks to understand the mental health and wellbeing of the individuals, groups and teams and organizations operating within highly demanding environments. It’s membership comprises expertise from the social and natural sciences in a range of occupational domains such as sport, education, military, public and private sector business, third sector organizations, music and the fine arts. A number of doctoral research candidates currently undertake study within the research theme.


Group members

Professor Stephen Mellalieu,
Professor of Sport Psychology / Group Lead
Professor Diane Crone,
Professor of Exercise & Health / Centre Lead
Senior Lecturer in Complementary Healthcare
Principal Lecturer in Psychology


Dr Karen Howells,
Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology
Professor Carwyn Jones,
Professor of Sport Ethics
Principal Lecturer in Public Health
Senior Lecturer in Applied Sport Psychology


Dr Rich Neil,
Deputy Director of Research
Dr Amie-Louise Prior,
Lecturer in Psychology
Senior Lecturer in Occupational, Environmental & Public Health
Dean of School of Sport & Health Sciences


Dr Owen Thomas,
Reader in Sport Psychology
​Dr David Wasley,
Senior Lecturer in Health & Exercise Psychology



Ms Sian Edwards (Doctoral researcher)
Mr Peter Green (Doctoral researcher)
Ms Cara Lea Moseley (Doctoral researcher)
Ms Helen Oliver (Doctoral researcher)
Mr Paul Sellars (Doctoral researcher)
Mr Robert Walker (Doctoral researcher)
Mr Bradley Woolridge (Doctoral researcher)
Ms Simone Willis (Doctoral researcher)
Ms Jennifer Ward (Doctoral researcher)


We have a number of ongoing and completed partnerships and projects with national and international stakeholders from a diverse range of occupational domains including: School of Hard Knocks Cymru, Premiership Rugby Limited, DVLA, Sport Wales, The College of Policing, Gwent Police, Police Mutual, South Wales Police Mental Health First Aid Wales, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), Conservatoires UK, Golf Union of Wales.

Examples of Funding

Mellalieu, S. D., Williams, S., & Arnold., R. (2018). Professional rugby union players perceived psychological recovery and physical regeneration during the off-season. World Rugby.

Mellalieu, S. D., Sellars, P., & Dohme, L-C. (2018). Dual-career badminton athlete and support network needs. Badminton World Federation.

Mellalieu, S. D., Wagstaff, C., Sellars, P., Neil., R., & Arnold., R. (2017). Psychological load and coping in professional rugby union. Premiership Rugby.

Mellick, M., & Green, P. (2017). Community mental health and resiliency support groups for emerging adult males within a South Wales convergence area: A mental wellbeing impact assessment. KESS 2 PhD Scholarship.

Thomas, O. (2016). Health and Wellbeing in South Wales and Gwent Police forces. PoliceMutual.

Thomas, O. (2017). Health and Wellbeing in South Wales Police forces. South Wales Police and Gwent Police. PhD Scholarship.

Thomas, O. (2018). South Wales Police National Health and Wellbeing Project – Increasing the Physical Activity of our Staff: Lets 'MoveMore'. College of Policing and South Wales Police.