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An Evaluation of iPad Implementation:

Executive summary

Keywords: ipads, primary school, mobile technology, training, motivation, independence, assessment, parents, pupils, teachers.

This report evaluates the implementation of iPads in six primary schools with varied catchment areas across Cardiff. The main focus of the study was to explore how the iPads were introduced and implemented, as well as assess the impact they had on the attitudes and motivations of teachers, parents and pupils.

Data was collected via surveys and interviews. Online surveys were completed by 52 parents from four schools and 70 teachers from five of the schools. In addition, small group interviews were conducted with 120 pupils from years 1, 3, 5 and 6 and 23 teachers from all six schools.

Data was analysed to identify several key themes including: the importance of both informal and formal methods of iPad training; high levels of teacher, pupil and parent enthusiasm and motivation; ease of use; - enhancement of pupil independence; and how the iPad supports various methods of assessment. In addition, all teachers reacted positively to the pupils assisting them with the iPads and in many cases encouraged them to support other pupils in the class as well.

Conclusions and recommendations are offered to enhance teaching and learning with the iPad as well as provide the Local Authority with evidence to support the strategic development of ICT use in Cardiff schools.

Please find a copy of the report here

An Early Evaluation of the Cardiff Local Authority Literacy Strategy: Final Report to the Welsh Government New Ideas Fund

This 2011 report provides an early evaluation of the development and implementation of the Cardiff Literacy Strategy (2009 – 2012) that was being piloted in a number of schools in Cardiff Local Authority.

Please find a copy of the report here

Musical Futures report:

From September 2011 to July 2012, sixteen schools in Wales participated in a Musical Futures pilot during which teachers implemented informal and non-formal learning approaches in Key Stage 3 music lessons.  Since then, schools have continued to implement the approaches and engaged in further training which has introduced vocal workshops and explored the use of mobile technology.

Link to report: Musical Futures

Link to associated academic paper: Music Education Research