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Isabelle Adams

Room Number: E0.05 (Research House)

Research Interests:

  • Secondary language teaching and learning
  • The role of technology in language teaching
  • Modern Foreign Language learning in Wales


A follow up review of the Cardiff Local Authority Literacy Strategy (2015-2016).
Funding: Welsh Government
Role: Research Assistant

Primary PGCE trainee teachers' perceived competence and confidence to teach physical education (2016).
Funding: Sport Wales
Role: Research Assistant

An exercise to secure practitioners' views on the draft Digital Competence Framework (2016).
Funding: Welsh Government
Role: Research Assistant

An evaluation of the implementation of the Digital Competence Framework in Cardiff Schools (2016-2017).
Funding: Cardiff Council.
Role: Research Assistant

An evaluation of the impact of the professional learning programme – on pedagogy and practice for participants in it (2017).
Funding: EAS
Role: Research Assistant

An analysis of the factors impacting on achievement of more able learners from disadvantaged homes and communities (2017).
Funding: EAS
Role: Research Assistant

iTILT (Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technologies2) (2017)
Funding: ERASMUS+
Role: Research Assistant


Teaching languages in industry


Following a career in the commercial side of heavy industry, Isabelle is currently working as a part-time research assistant on the iTilt2 project and on a series of smaller education based projects. Alongside this funded research and following completion of a PGCE in Secondary MFL at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Isabelle began her part-time PhD in 2016, focusing on the role of technologies in language teaching.


Sammy Chapman

Room Number: E0.05 (Research House)

Telephone Number:02920 201596

Research Groups:
Pedagogy and Andragogy Research Group (PARG)


British Education Studies Association (BESA)

Research Interests:

- Digital Competence Framework
- Technology in Education
- ICT in Pedagogy and Practice
- Research Methods
- Technology in Higher Education


Sammy is currently studying a PhD in Education surrounding the Digital Competence Framework and the attitudes of student teachers towards its introduction. This thesis has been developed as an extended study of his MA Education dissertation that focused on the subject discipline of Drama in this context. The aim is to gather a much larger amount of data and to compare the findings to the MA study.

Alongside his PhD, Sammy is also a Research Assistant at the University working on the SHOUT4HE project. Sammy's role within the project consists of various key responsibilities: review of the literature; newsletter production; project organisation; communication with research partners and social media. The research focuses on the use of technology in higher education and how to create innovation and better practice within the HE community. The main outcome of the study is to have developed an E-Platform where HE lecturers and teachers can access advice and best practice examples on how to successfully incorporate technology into their pedagogy. The study is an Erasmus+ funded research project involving 5 different universities from 4 EU countries.


Sammy has been at Cardiff Metropolitan University in various forms of study and work. Previously, he has completed an undergraduate degree in BA (Hons) Educational Studies and Drama achieving a First-Class grade. After having completed his undergraduate studies, he completed a Master's Degree in Education and was awarded a Merit grade at the end of the course. This has led to the decision to enrol onto the PhD and to further his academic achievements and qualifications to date. The role of Research Assistant (SHOUT4HE) is providing useful insights into the working environment of research and where he feels he could take his career in the future.

Samuel Mark Harrison


Room Number: E0.05 (Research House)

Research Groups:
Pedagogy and Andragogy Research Group (PARG)

Research Interests:

  • Reflective Practice in Sport Coaching and Education
  • Sports Coach Development and Learning
  • Experiential Learning in Sport Coaching
  • The Sociology of Sport Coaching
  • Facilitating Reflective Learning Through Mentoring and Coaching
  • Empowerment
  • Discourse in Sport and Education
  • Pedagogical, Sociological and Cultural Foundation of Sport Coaching



Samuel Harrison was born in Hereford, England and is 1st Class Honours Educational Studies and Sport and Physical Activity graduate. Samuel is a current part-time PhD researcher at Cardiff Metropolitan University specialising in the Reflective Practices of Sports Coaches and Educational Practitioners. He is also an Academic Associate Tutor in Primary Education and Early Childhood Studies with teaching experience in Learning Through ICT in Compulsory Education, Skills for Success and Professional Skills. Samuel is also Cardiff Met FC Reserves head coach, Academic Associate Ethics Committee Representative for Cardiff School of Education and a Teaching Assistant for Cardiff Council.


Ex-Hereford United FC Youth and Reserves team player.
Hereford United FC Community Football Officer 2009-2014.
The Hereford Academy Specialist School in Sport and Science and Level 3 Teaching Assistant.
Academic Associate Tutor in Primary Education and Early Childhood Studies.
Cardiff Metropolitan University Research Symposium Poster and 3 minute-Thesis.

Further Information:

Cardiff Metropolitan University Sport Awards: Contribution to Community Sport 2015
Recognising Teaching Excellence: Student-Led Teaching Fellowship Nomination 2017
Preparing to Teach in Post Compulsory Education (PCET) 1st Class

Hannah Mae Lewis

Telephone Number: 02920 201596
Room Number: E0.05 (Research House, Cyncoed Campus)
Research Groups: Pedagogy and Andragogy Research Group (PARG)


British Dyslexia Association (BDA)

Research Interests:
• Additional Learning Needs
• Specific Learning difficulties (SpLD)- Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia
• Cognition and memory
• Mindfulness and wellbeing
• Loneliness and isolation

Hannah is currently studying full time on a Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship 2 (KESS). This Welsh government scheme is funded via the European social fund. KESS encourages collaborative research projects by connecting companies/organisations with higher education academics. Hannah’s project is in collaboration with Tomorrow's Generation school, a specialist dyslexic centre based in Cardiff. Her research is looking at the effectiveness of the current strategies used to support pupils with dyslexia. She hopes to develop a theoretical framework as part of her thesis which hopefully will enable the development of a toolkit. The focus of this toolkit would be to inform teachers, trainee teachers and other practitioners on how dyslexia can be best supported.


Profile (personal bio):

Hannah graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan School of Education in July 2019 with a first-class honours in Education, Psychology and Special Educational Needs. As part of her undergraduate degree, at level 6 she was required to undertake a module about specific learning difficulties. Her engagement and work for this module lead to the proposition of her involvement on this project. In October 2019, she resumed study at Cardiff Metropolitan University on an MPhil to PhD transfer.

Previously, Hannah has worked within non-profit organisations such as the British Red Cross (BRC). Here she worked as a community connector, as part of a local level scheme, to reduce loneliness and isolation by integrating individuals back into the community. Also, she volunteered to be part of the BRC ‘Safe Mates’ team. This program aims to ensure the wellbeing of festival goers by establishing hubs across UK festivals, that provide a safe space to talk away from the overwhelming atmosphere of a festival.

Further Information:

Hannah was motivated by a friend to learn and engage with sign language. She has undertaken a British Sign Language course and would like to engage in further training in this area.

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeff LewisE-mail:

Room Number: T0.18

Research Groups:
Pedagogy and Andragogy Research Group (PARG)

Memberships: National Teaching Fellow, SFHEA, Fellow Orthodontic Technicians Association (UK), Registrant General Dental Council

Research Interests:

  • Flexible Distributed Learning
  • Learning Technologies
  • Distance Learning
  • Reflection


Books / book chapters

Lewis J 2016 Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A reduced attendance model of delivery that engages remote learners in the workplace. Libri Publishing Ltd. London

Jack K and Lewis J 2017 Further Innovations in Higher Education. Chapter: Creative reflections: thoughts from two programmes. Libri Publishing Ltd, Oxford (In Press)

Peer refereed journals

Lewis Jeffrey 2012 Web-based videoconferencing to promote flexible learning opportunities in Dental Technology. (Case Study CM9) Future Directions for Higher Education in Wales: Learning for employment. Higher Education Academy.

McLinden M 2013 Flexible pedagogies: part-time learners and learning in higher education - case studies. A flexible pathway for dental technicians learning through distance education. Higher Education Academy

Lewis J 2015 Learning in and for the workplace - technologies that deliver Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Vol. 9, No. 1, Special Issue from Future Directions Wales Conference, January 2015 pp.54-66

AL Mortadi N, Lewis J Dimensional Stability of Orthodontic Bands Used To Fabricate Band And Loop Space Maintainers (BLSM) (submitted for review 2016)

Professional / non-refereed publications

Lewis J 2013 Flexible Pedagogies: Preparing for the Future. Case study on part time learners in Cardiff Metropolitan University's Unit for Dental Technology. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cornelius S, Gordon C and Schyma J 2014 Live Online Learning: Strategies or the web conferencing classroom Palgrave MacMillan (Acknowledged for input)

Conference papers

Delivery to the workplace- an easy solution to a common problem?" World Association for Continued Education, Vancouver June 2009

"Delivery to learners in the workplace" Poster Presentation to Association for Dental Educators Europe, Helsinki August 2009

"Reducing attendance needs by increasing access to learning materials from the workplace" Gregynog, GWELLA project, 2008 -2010

"Presentation of project findings." JISC Steering group meeting, UWIC, Dec 2009

"Web based video conferencing to deliver learning material to the workplace" SOLSTICE Learning and Teaching Conference, Edgehill, June 2010

"Lessons from a JISC TEL WfD project" HEA Assembly, UWIC, Jan 2011

"Wheres the 'b'ling in Learning? Discovering UWICs jewels" HEA event, Newtown, April, 2011

"The delivery of learning material and engagement of students and staff in the workplace"

HEA Seminar Series, Trinity St Davids, Carmarthen Dec 2011

"The use of video-conferencing to deliver lectures and practical demonstrations to learners at remote educational sites". Association for Learning and Teaching Conference, Manchester 2011

"Black Bored? Not us. Use of media to enhance learning", BlackBoard Learning and Teaching Conference, Belgium April 2012

"Using assistive technology as a vehicle to enable disabled learners in HE" at SOLSTICE Learning and Teaching Conference, Edgehill May 2012

"Learning about work, for work, in work. Not a university in sight." JISC Summer Series event, Cardiff June 2012

"e-PDPs and DCPs for CPD with the GDC" British Orthodontic Conference, Sept 2012

"Innovative delivery of learning material to students in the workplace using new technologies." Global Universities in Distance Education Conference, Athens Oct 2013

QAA Future Directions Conference. Glamorgan Conference Centre, Nov 2013

"Learning in and for the workplace" HEA Aberystwyth April 2014

"Stretching your practice. How flexible can you be?" HEA Workshop Cardiff Metropolitan University February 2016

"You won't learn if you're not here- or will you?" HEA Health and Social Care Conference, Glasgow February 2016

"CPD and online course design" CSHS, Cardiff Met, July 2016



Department of Health £16k award for piloting South West England training scheme for Dental Technology.


As Head of the Dental Technology teaching team, I introduced an innovative delivery method that utilised videoconferencing to deliver programmes to geographically remote learners. This development also introduced the use of e-portfolios that involved work-based mentors, helping to bridge the gap between employers and academics. I worked within the University's Learning and Teaching Development Unit for 2 years on a secondment (0.4fte) where I advised staff on the pedagogy and use of technology to enhance student learning. I have developed close ties with the Wales Dental Deanery and have worked with them to deliver, in a unique way, continual professional development across Wales to dental care professionals.


Delivered several workshops to school regarding the process and practicalities of creating online learning material for CPD courses.

Organised Enterprise symposium for School on developing online learning material.

Investigating the use of alternative, more creative assessment methods to encourage engagement in reflection.

Thomas Morris

School: Cardiff School of Education
Telephone Number: 02920 201596
Room Number: E0.05 (Research House, Cyncoed)
Research Groups: Pedagogy and Andragogy Research Group (PARG)

Research Interests:

  • Alternative Education
  • Behavioural Psychology and 'Challenging Behaviour' within Education
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Research Methods


Tom is currently completing a full time PhD which is a Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship 2 (KESS) funded project partnered with AL Direct. AL Direct is a part of PE Direct and provides alternative learning to students with Behavioural Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD). During the project, Tom will be looking at the experiences of these students using ethnography. The aim of the project is to better understand how to provide improved outcomes to BESD learners within alternative education. This research will also aim to inform guidelines in educational practice for learners with BESD.

Supervisors: Gary Beauchamp; Kieran Hodgkin


In July 2017, Tom graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a First-Class degree in BSc (Hons) Psychology. Following this, encouragement from peers, family and lecturers led Tom to start his MRes degree later that year. In January 2019, Tom was awarded a Merit for his MRes- Psychology. Later in 2019, Tom returned to Cardiff Metropolitan University to begin his PhD journey within the School of Education and Social Policy.

With an interest in Educational Psychology specifically, Tom spent time working in varied education-based roles including within Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and a Summer School throughout his education. Through each of these roles he found enjoyment in working with those described as 'challenging'. This interest in challenging behaviour and encouragement from friends and family, led Tom to his current role as a PhD student on a KESS project. This project was seen as the best opportunity to build upon his academic development and make a difference.


Gemma Scammell

Room Number: E0.05 - Research House, Cyncoed Campus.
Research Groups: Arts and Humanities Research Group (AHRG)


AWP – Association of Writers & Writing Programs

Research Interests:
  • Social spaces – heterotopia, third space, simulacrum
  • Psychogeography
  • The fiction of Haruki Murakami
  • Posthumanism – the development of the city
  • Eco-Feminism         


Gemma is currently working on a full-time PhD looking at the fiction of Haruki Murakami through the lens of spatial theory, with particular focus on Foucault’s heterotopia. Her thesis will also explore the concept of the city as a living organism, analysing its portrayal in Murakami in line with posthuman theory.


Gemma graduated in July 2017 with a MA in Creative Writing & English Literature from Cardiff Metropolitan and is now working full-time on her PhD. Previously, Gemma taught an adult learning creative writing class for the local authority and is now working part-time as a widening access tutor for Cardiff Metropolitan University. She will be teaching the University's Creative Writing summer course this year. 


Books/ book chapters:
Justification published in Cardiff Metropolitan Student newspaper ‘Retro’ (2016)
It Should be Perfect in Cardiff Metropolitan’s anthology volume 3 (2017)

Barbara A. Stensland

Name: Barbara A. StenslandBarbara Stensland.jpg

School: Cardiff School of Education


Room Number: E0.05 – Research House, Cyncoed Campus

Research Groups: Arts and Humanities Research Group (AHRG)


  • NUJ – National Union of Journalists
  • The World Vs. MS, Holland (Steering Group Member and Content Advisor)
  • Disability Wales (Ambassador for Education)
  • My MS, My Rights, My Choices MS Society Wales (Steering Group Member)
  • MS Society UK Local Networks Programme Reference Group (Member)
  • Brain Involve, Wales (Member)
  • Cardiff University Centre for Trials Research (LEAP-MS Co-Applicant and Steering Group Member and Committee Chair of the PPI sub-Advisory Group)
  • DRILL-funded (Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning) research project, 'Co-production in Disability Research: Developing Future Strategies' (Reference Group Member).
  • The British Association for Victorian Studies.

Research Interests:

  • Jean-Martin Charcot, French neurologist and hypnotist
  • Disability activism
  • Victorian hysteria and contemporary Briquet's Syndrome/Somatization
  • Medicinal patriarchy and medical humanities
  • Multiple Sclerosis and conversion disorder
  • Creative non-fiction and digital media



Books/ book chapters

Stumbling in Flats, Justified Text, England, 2015

Shortlisted for the International Rubery Award, 2015

'Pre', Cardiff Metropolitan Anthology, Volume 3, 2017

''The Windowsill, Cardiff Metropolitan Anthology, Volume 2, 2016

'The Embroidered Bed', Cardiff Metropolitan Anthology, Volume 1, 2015

Professional publications

Contracted journalist for Teva Pharmaceuticals, at

Contracted journalist for Sanofi Genzyme, at

Digital publications

Own website, founded in 2012,, with readers from over 150 countries; writing about personal experience of living with Multiple Sclerosis, disability activism and anything else on my mind.

Also written for:

The MS Society, Mumsnet, Atlantis Healthcare, Principality Building Society, MS Trust, Shift-MS, Modern Day MS, Blog Action Day, The Ability Superstore

Featured in

Good Housekeeping, BBC News Online, South Wales Echo, Western Mail newspaper, Wales Online, Writing Magazine, Scottish Daily Record, The Mail on Sunday, The Morning Star, MS Society magazine, MS Trust magazine


Barbara is currently studying part-time for a Creative Writing PhD, researching hysteria and Multiple Sclerosis, in the Victorian era and the present day, in a novel form, 'Ottilie & Grace'.

Her focus is upon hysteria and the links to the man who first identified MS as a distinct illness, Jean-Martin Charcot, who was also viewed as the 'Napoleon of Neuroses'. She is interested in this unusual link, which unfortunately still exists today: a female in contemporary times is more likely to be referred to a psychiatrist, rather than a neurologist, when presenting with clear neurological symptoms.

Profile (personal bio):

Barbara has lived and worked all over the world, from Austria, Scandinavia and New York to Hawaii and travelled to just about everywhere in between. She's been an au-pair, tri-lingual translator and homeopath. She currently works as a building Project Manager.

Since landing back to earth with a bump after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2012, she is an active campaigner for disabled rights. Not only that, she felt able to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Having started her blog the year she was diagnosed, it has led to ever greater writing opportunities.

She also speaks at large medical conferences, about the reality of living with MS, most recently in Copenhagen, Athens and Hungary. As a Steering Group Member of Sanofi Genzyme's World Vs. MS project, she makes regular visits to Amsterdam to take part in content creation.

Her interest extends to films (as a script advisor and actor) and she has also spoken on television and radio about disability rights.

Achievements and Awards

Wales Online Digital Awards (Finalist) 2019

MA Creative Writing, Distinction (Cardiff Metropolitan University) 2017

MA Humanities Award for Academic Excellence (Cardiff Metropolitan University) 2017

MA dissertation story shortlisted for the Exeter Story Prize 2017

BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (Open University) 2015

Educational Achievement Award, Disability Wales, 2018

MS Society Campaigner of the Year (Finalist) 2017

MS Society Digital Media Award (Finalist) 2016, 2013

Julian Symes

Room Number: E0.05 (Research House)

Research Groups:
Pedagogy and Andragogy Research Group (PARG)

Research Interests:

  • Undergraduate Student Engagement
  • Motivational Theories
  • Theories of Productivity
  • Humanistic Impact on Learning
  • Outdoor Learning


Having achieved a First Class BA Honours degree in Education Studies and Sport & Physical Activity at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2016, Julian is currently a postgraduate researcher (MPhil/PhD) studying the impact of humanistic and motivational factors to improve student engagement.

Julian is also an Associate Tutor within the Cardiff School of Education and a part-time Level 5/6 PGCE PCET student (having attained a high pass at Level 4 in 2017).

During his university tenure Julian has also received the following awards:

  • Cardiff School of Education: Best Overall Academic Performance 2016
  • Education Studies: Best Dissertation Award 2016
  • Education Studies: Award for Academic Excellence 2016
  • Ede & Ravenscroft Award for Highest Achieving Student 2015


Recent activity includes:
Teaching on Year 1 and Year 2 modules at Cardiff Metropolitan University including:
Outdoor Learning
Developing Work-Based Skills
Learning and Teaching through ICT in Compulsory Education
Professional Skills
Skills for Success in HE

Further Information:

Julian has a wide and varied working career with teaching responsibilities consisting of Football Development Officer/Football Coach at Cardiff City Football Club and as a Teaching Assistant in many primary schools within the Cardiff area.

Ann R Tonge

Room Number: E0.05 (Research House)

Research Groups:
Arts and Humanities Research Group (AHRG)


National Association of Writers in Education

Research Interests:

  • Contemporary Australian literature.
  • Memory and identity in fiction and life-writing.
  • Postcolonial and settler theory.
  • Writing process and creative writing theory.



Ann is currently a full-time Creative Writing PhD candidate. Her practice-based thesis is in two parts –  a fictional life-writing novel and a critical study which examines postcolonial theory through a hybrid lens and considers the intersection of literary theory and poetics, through self-reflection and with reference to other contemporary Australian writers.


Ann was born in Manchester and spent her formative years moving around Australia. She has lived in Wales for many years but still feels the need to regularly stand on Queensland soil and see the Southern Cross. She has a BSc (Hons) and a PGCE (PcE) and has had a wide and varied career to date. As well as working in adult education, the health care sector and the civil service, she has designed and developed work-based skills courses and has taught in community education settings and secondary schools. She has also facilitated creative writing workshops and courses in the private sector. 

Further Information:

Ann is on the judging panel for the Aber Valley Arts Festival and has facilitated creative writing workshops for the WI and other community groups across South Wales. Previously, she has been involved in the BBC/OU ‘My Story’ roadshow, has taken part in literature and cross-arts projects run by Literature Wales, and recently had enormous fun collaborating with a group of children and other writers on a story for bilingual publication. 

When not reading, scribbling or working on her own novel or thesis, she is often to be found editing and proofreading for others (which is sometimes a mere ruse in order to be the first reader of an interesting work-in-progress).


Previous Doctoral Research Students



Selina Philpin

An Ecocritical Reading of the River Thames in Selected Fin de Siècle Literature​.



Emily Abbinett

​The Exploration Of How Assistive Technology Is Used To Support Primary School Pupils With A Visual Impairment.




​Reham El Shazly

​The Role of Pragmatics Instruction in Language Learning in the Context of English as a Foreign Language.

​Alison Murphy

​Children’s perceptions of their own national identity and what it means to be Welsh.



Megan Harnett

An exploration of the personal journeys of disabled students during the first year of Higher Education (HE)


​Lucy Windridge

Within the Folds: How Biomedical Science is redefining Traditional Concepts of Parenthood and Parenting




​Badriah Al Kandari

Factors Affecting Acceptance and Students' Intention in the Use of E-learning Systems at Kuwait University, Based on the Perceptions of Female Students: Implementation of a Technology Acceptance Model in E-Learning Environments

​Emily Garside

Angels at the National and Bohemians in the West End: Transposing & Reviving American dramatic depictions of AIDS to the British stage in Angels in America & Rent

​Andrew Higgins

The genesis of Tolkien's mythology

​Sheladevi Nair ​The Experiences of Parents and Carers of Minority Ethnic Pupils, Statemented with Autism, within Special and Mainstream Schools in South Wales​2015​PhD
Gabriel Roberts

​Socio-linguistic challenges facing displaced medical professionals



​Eid Al Harbi

A Study on the Use of ICT in Teaching in Secondary Schools in Kuwait

​James Farror

Anglo-American Relations and the Demise Of Detente, 1977-79

Kieran Hodgkin

School, Physical Education and the Primary-Secondary transition

​Alyya Meerza

The Application of TAM model for the Investigation Of Students' Attitudes towards ICT, and Factors which Influence  Students' ICT Use In Learning in HE in Kuwait



​Clare Elmy Glennan

The Motivations For And The Barriers To Adult Learners' (aged 30 plus) Participation In Higher Education Institutions In South Wales



​Hamzeh Al Assaf

ICT in Teaching Undergraduate Science and Humanities Courses at Jordanian Public Universities: an Exploration of Lecturer Attitudes and Pedagogic Beliefs



​Michael Gaotlhobogwe

Attitudes and perceptions of Design Technology students towards the subject: A case of five junior secondary schools in Botswana



​Adulkader Abdulkader

A sociolinguistic study of postgraduate students' perceptions of using English for Academic Purposes

​Magdeline Chilalu Mannathoko

Interpreting the new lower primary art and craft component of the Creative and Performing Arts, the Botswana national curriculum: Case studies of four primary schools in the South Central and Central north region. An Illuminative evaluation.

​David Martin Rawle

Perceptions of Sprituality and Spiritual Development in Education held by Teachers and Students on ITET courses



​Howell Moses

​Local Government And Governance In Gwent, 1972-96, with Special Reference To School Education



​Jaqueline Harrett

Young children's responses to storytelling and story reading: an investigation in language and imagination

​Ruth Wright

Music as pedagogic discourse: an ethnographic case study on one Year 9 class of pupils and their music teacher in one South Wales secondary school



​Zahida Hafiz

​An investigation of the use of children's literature in Key Stage One teaching in Cardiff with specific reference to its possible use in Malaysian Primary English language classes



​Margaret Griffiths

A New partnership model of teacher education




​Gill Jones

Enterprise: The Academic's Challenge



​Catherine O'Hara

To Teach or not to Teach: A Study of Dyslexia in Teacher Education



​Susan Allan

A Framework For Observing, Understanding And Developing Learning Dispositions In The Early Years: The Implications For Learning And Teaching At An Integrated Learning Centre

​Mary Carter

What's To Enjoy About Herding Cats? –The Experiences Of Middle Level Academic Managers In Higher Education During Times Of Institutional Change

​Heather Duncan

The SENCO Role: Support, Training And Development Needs

​David Vittle Thomas

An Examination of Reiteration in a Rural Welsh Local Authority Setting from Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) to Mainstream Education



​Martin Cook

An Analysis Of The Effects Upon Teaching And Learning When Adopting The Principles And Practices Of Assessment For Learning (AFL) Within a Higher Education (HE) Context

Susan Davis

Examining the Implementation of an emotional Literacy programme on the pedagogy and reflective practice of trainee teachers



​Peter Redding

Study Skills - An investigation into the mechanisms of integration within and external to the curriculum



Jill Llewellyn-Williams

Reactivation of Lost Language Skills: An Investigation Into The Most Effective Ways Of Facilitating The Return Of Previously Learnt Language Skills In The Context Of The PGCE  MFL  Programme And ITET Students' Professional Learning