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EUREKA People(from Left: Director and Head of HRaas Lab, Head of STEAM Hub, Deputy Director and Head of Autonomous Lab, Head of Leadership Internship & CSR, Deputry Director and Head of BioAI & Bioengineering Lab)


Key Investigators

  1. Professor Jon Platts, Dean, Cardiff School of Technologies
  2. Dr Esyin Chew, Reader in Robotics & Educational Technologies, Cardiff School of Technologies
  3. Dr Wai-keung Fung, Lead of Autonomous Robotics Lab; Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  4. Dr Barry Bentley, Lead of BioAI Lab and Bio-engineering Research Group, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  5. Dr Sia Chow Siing, Lead of STEAM Hub; Senior Lecturer in Data Science, Cardiff School of Technologies
  6. Dr Ginu Rajan, Lead of Intelligent Sensors and Systems Research Group; Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  7. Dr Simon Thorne, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  8. Dr Shadan Khan Khattak, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  9. Dr Khalifa Ahmed, Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  10. Dr Jasim M Uddin, Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  11. Dr Abdullah Alhusin Alkhdur, Lecturer, Cardiff school of Technologies 

Associate Members or Visiting Research Fellows 

  1. Catherine Tryfona, Associate Deans of Partnership, Head of Department of Applied Computing and Engineering, Cardiff School of Technologies
  2. Dr Issam Damaj, Senior Lecturer,  Cardiff School of Technologies
  3. Dr Imtiaz Hussain Khan, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies 
  4. Dr Bola Omisade, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  5. Dr Hasan Kahtan Al-Ani, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies 
  6. Dr Priyatharshini Rajaram, Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies 
  7. Dr Fiona Carroll, Reader and Head of Creative Computing Centre, Cardiff School of Technologies
  8. Joel Pinney, Lecturer in Creative Computing Centre, Cardiff School of Technologies 
  9. Nigel Jones, Retired Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Technologies
  10. Dr Pengcheng Liu, Academic Associate, Cardiff School of Technologies, Lecturer, York University

  11. Dr Wenshu Zhang, Academic Associate, Cardiff School of Technologies, Senior Lecturer, Norwich University of Arts

  12. Professor Dominic Eggbeer, PDR, Cardiff Metropolitan University

  13. Emily Bilbie, PDR, Cardiff metropolitan University
  14. Lisa Fenn, PGCE Programme Director, Senior Lecturer in PGCE Primary and Early Year, Cardiff School of Education
  15. Professor Dr. Siti Nursheena Mohd Zain, Director of International Relations Office (2022), Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Malaya
  16. Dr Zati Hakim Binti Azizul Hassan, Head of Robotics & AI Lab; Senior Lecturer in Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Malaya
  17. Associate Professor Dr Anwar P.P. Abdul MajeedXi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool UniversityiMAMS Lab, University Pahang Malaysia. 
  18. Associate Professor Tr. Dr Roziati Jailani, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Fellow at Integrative Pharmacogenomics Institute (IPROMISE), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. Lead in MTDI's the Maker Talent for Digital Innovation.
  19. Ir. Dr. Mas Sahidayana Mohktar, Head of UM’s STEM Centre Department Of Biomedical Engineering, University of Malaya
  20. Dr Nurul Hazlina Binti Noordin, Assistant Vice President of Industry and Community Alliance, University of Malaysia Pahang. 
  21. Dr Devi Fitrianah, Associate Professor in  Universitas Bina Nusantara (BINUS), Indonesia
  22. Associate Professor Dr. Nur Ismarrubie Zahari, General Manager, Robopreneur Sdn Bhd / University Putra Malaysia
  23. Dr Emmet McLoughlin, Lecturer in Tourism and Event Management, Cardiff School of Management
  24. Dr Katarzyna Minor, Lecturer in Hospitality Management, Cardiff School of Management
  25. Ellie Bevan, First Campus Manager, Cardiff Metropolitan University 
  26. Dr Fan Zhang, Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC), Univercity of South Wales

Current Researchers and Interns  

  1. David Shuyang Hu, Associate Tutor, Research Assistant & PhD 
  2. Jack Jiaji Yang, Associate Tutor, Research Assistant, PhD & Internship Supervisor
  3. Jinyu Liu, Research Assistant, PhD, MSc Interns & Internship Supervisor
  4. Haolin Wei, PhD and Internship Supervisor
  5. Joel Pinney, Lecturer, PhD, MSc, BSc
  6. Sarah-May Mcvey, Associate Tutor, Research Assistant, PhD & Internship Supervisor
  7. Aveen Najm, Associate Tutor & Research Assistant, PhD and Internship Supervisor
  8. Caroline Platts, PhD
  9. Yinglun Huang, MPhil/PhD
  10. Senal Rashanta Dharmasiri Jayatilaka Mudiyanselage, PhD, MSc Interns, Tutor in Bridgend College
  11. Heyang Sun, PhD
  12. Rafia Alif Bindu, MSc 
  13. Sourav Saha, MBA
  14. Ankana Das, MBA
  15. Ammu susan Motti, MSc 
  16. Tony Willett, BEng-MEng in Robotics Engineering
  17. Hussein Daher, BSc 
  18. Parastoo Porhonar, Associate Tutor, BSc Interns (2020-2022)
  19. Fatoumatamakalo fatoumatamakalo, Assosictae Tutor, Research Interns (MSc Interns from Cardiff Univeristy 2022)
  20. Abulaid, Mussa Em Salem, MSc Interns for System & Network
  21. William John Rhys Thomas, MSc Interns
  22. Thomas, Rhodri Morgan, BSc Interns (2021-2022) - one year pause for industrial placement. 
  23. Zyad Reda Shihabeldeen Mohammad: HexaPod: DIY Robotic Kit for education, BSc
  24. Ryan Zhang: A-Level Internship 

Previous Interns who graduated

  1. Linh Thuy Dong, MBA Interns (2020-2021)
  2. Jesse Sigalov, MSc Interns (2021-2022)
  3. Kehinde Ademola Omobomi, Research Assistant, MSc Interns (2022) 
  4. Debika Mukherjee, MBA Interns (2022) 
  5. Pawr Dip (Msc in Data Science, 2021-2022, BSc incomputer Science, 2020)
  6. Vincent Moses Muzuva (Msc in Data Science, 2021-2022, BSc in Computer Science, 2020)
  7. Michelle Mei-Hsuan Lee (Graduate of MSc in Computer Science, Cardiff University, 2020)
  8. Jayesh Saini (MBA, 2020)
  9. Aaron Joseph Smith (BSc in Computer Science, 2020)
  10. Eliza Ioana Georgescu(BSc in Software Engineering, 2020)
  11. Victor Deji Emmanuel (BSc in Business Information System, 2020)
  12. Jack Dabrowski, (BSc in Computer Science, 2020)
  13. Junliang Liu (MSc in data Science, 2018/2019)
  14. Junbo Qi (MSc Information Technology Management, 2020)
  15. Holly Jiya Zhao (MSc in data Science, 2020)
  16. Corrine Ngandu, Graduated (MSc Information Technology Management, 2018/2019)
  17. Cairen Carol, Graduated (MSc Information Technology Management, 2018/2019)
  18. Alberto Campuzano (BSc in Computer Science, 2019)
  19. Fiona Li, Graduated as the Best Student of the academic year 2017/2018 (MSc in Data Science)George Henry Chester Burns, Graduated as one of the best Dissertation titled: Service Robots in the Automobile Salesperson Profession (BSc in Computing) - 2018
  20. Ervin Visitacion (BSc in Computer Science): Autonomous traffic light and vehicle - 2018
  21. Stuart Hartley, BSc in Computer Science, Cardiff School of Technologies - 2017
  22. Eleanor Walsh (Pre-U internship) - 2019
  23. Shiqi Lin (Pre-U internship) - 2019

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