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Panopto ReView support: non Moodle-integration method

Panopto ReView online support pages


​These resources are designed​ to support your use of Panopto ReView if you're using the system independently of Moodle integration (logging on using your email address) 
If you're looking for information relating to using Panopto with Moodle integration, please click here.
If you have any queries not addressed by the below resources, please email ​review@cardiffmet.ac.uk​​ and if you'd like Panopto ReView staff training, please click here​ to book on via Learning Pool.

​​Getting Started:
Downloading Panop​to recorder
Live webcasting

How to share a​​ URL on Moodle

How to embed a video on Moodle
How to share on Moodle - video​


Accessing the editor & orientation
Basic editing: making cuts - guide
​​Basic editing: making cuts - video​​​​

Adding searchable data​
​​​Adding links and webpages

Advanced editing:
Adding-in additional slides

Adding entire PowerPoints
Splicing recordings together
Changing th​e default thumbnail
​​Adding captions​ - guide
A​dding captions​ - video
Information Centre:
ReV​iew Reminders​​ - guide
ReView Reminders - video
Llandaff campus rooms​
Cyncoed campus rooms​​
​​Case Study - Llyr Roberts​
User guide for students​​
Student info​ PowerPoint slide