​​​Department of Applied Community Sciences

John Allen, Research & Consultancy Officer​
Dr Joanne Aubrey, Lecturer​
Janet Beauchamp, Lecturer
Daniel Burrows, Lecturer
​​Andy Curnin, Principal Lecturer & Timetabling Coordinator
Gayle Davis, Programme Director (Occupational & Environmental Public Health)​​
Henry Dawson, Lecturer
Marcelle Dos Santos, Lecturer
Huw Evans, Senior Lecturer
Marc Fury, Lecturer​​
Dr Jacqueline Hu​ghes, Lecturer​​
Benjamin Johns, Academic Associate / Laboratory Demonstrator​​
Mel Jones, Senior Lecturer​
Prof George Karani, Professor of Environmental Health
Dave Miller, Senior Lecturer 
Jane Mudd, Head of Departm​ent (Applied Community Sciences)
Dr Rose O'Driscoll, Senior Lecturer
Amanda Protheroe, Principal Lecturer
Eve Rees, Senior Lecturer
Valerie Scholey, Lecturer​
Stuart Scott, Programme Director (Occupational Health and Safety)

Suzanne Spooner, Lecturer
Kirsten Stevens-Wood, Lecturer
Peter Sykes, Associate Dean (Enterprise) and Principal Lecturer
Helen Taylor, Lecturer in Housing
Sarah Thomas, Programme Director (Social Work)
Maggie Thomas, Lecturer​
Alastair Tomlinson, Programme Director (Applied Public Health)

Department of Applied Psychology

Dr Tina Alwyn, Reader
D​r Nicola Bowes, Programme Director (Forensic Practitioner)
Dr Debbie Clayton, Programme Director (Psychology)​​
Melody Cranbourne-Rosser, Lecturer
Karen De Claire, joint Programme Director - PGDip
Dr Michael Dunn, Senior Lecturer
Dr Leanne Etheridge, Lecturer
Dr ​​​Clare Glennan, Lecturer
Liz (Millward) Hayes, Senior Lecturer
Dr Daniel Heggs, Head of Department (Psychology)
Dr Paul Hewlett, Senior Lecturer
Dr Shirley Hobbis, Lecturer
Dr Helen Hodgetts, Lecturer​
Dr Ian Hume, Lecturer​​
Dr ​Delyth James
​​Dr Caroline Limbert, Senior Lecturer
Dr Jenny Mercer, Principal Lecturer
Iva Nekovarova, Campus-Based Associate Tutor
E. Payne, Senior Lecturer
Dr Nick Perham, Lecturer
Dr ​Amie-Louise Prior, ​Lecturer
Dr Mirain Rhys, ​Lecturer
Dr Heidi Seage, Associate Lecturer
Dr Joselyn Sellen, Programme Director (Forensic Psychology)
Dr Deiniol Skillicorn, Lecturer
Daniel Stubbings, Lecturer
Dr Sarah Taylor-Jones, Lecturer
Alison Walker, Lecturer
​​Leanne Watson, Lecturer
Dr Andrew Watt, Reader

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Rachel A​dams, Senior Lecturer
Dr Maninder Ahlu​walia, Programme Director (MSc Biomedical Sciences)
​Dr Rebecca Aicheler, Lecturer
Dr Michael Beeton, Lecturer
Dr Victoria Bradley, Lecturer/Clinical Learning Facilitator
Dr Helen Brown, Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Lee Butcher, Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Katie Connolly, Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Prof Rose Cooper, Professor of Microbiology
Amanda Davies, Lecturer
Dr Anna Dorel, Lecturer
Prof Jorge Erusalimsky, Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Shelley-Ann Evans, Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrew Evered, Principal Lecturer​
Dr Paul Foley, Senior Lecturer
Dr Sally Hicks,​ Programme Director (Biomedical Science)
Dr Rowena Jenkins, Lecturer
Dr Maria Kearney, Research Associate
Dr Claire Kelly, Lecturer
Dr Sarah Maddocks, Lecturer
Dr Lowri Mainwaring, Programme Director (Healthcare Science)
Dr Barry McDonnell, Lecturer
Prof Keith Morris, Professor of Biomedical Science & Biostatistics
Dr Julia Rey-Nores, Senior Lecturer
Delia Ripley, Reader - Healthcare Science
Dr Aled Roberts, Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Dr Neil Rushmere, Senior Lecturer
Dr Andrew Thomas, Principal Lecturer
Dr Rebecca Wadey. Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Peter J Watkins, Programme Director (BSc Biomedical Sciences [Health, Exercise & Nutrition])
Dr Richard Webb, Head of Department
Dr Jo Welton, Lecturer
Dr Cathryn Withycombe, Lecturer

Department of Healthcare and Food

Dr Vitti Allender, Programme Director (Food Science and Technology)
Dr Ian Ashton, Senior Lecturer
Tim Bartlett, Senior Lecturer Complementary Healthcare
Ria Bayliss, Lecturer (Speech and Language Therapy)
Geisel Chetan, Lecturer
Francesca Cooper, Senior Lecturer (Speech and Language Therapy)
Dr Sarah Curran, Clinical Director (Podiatry)​
Simon Dawson, Lecturer
Henry Dawson, Lecturer
Dr Calum Delaney, Programme Director (Speech and Language Therapy)
Julie Duffy, Programme Director (Complementary Healthcare)
Katie Earing​​, Lecturer in Speech & Language Therapy
Ellen Evans, Research Associate​
Dr Ruth Fairchild, Senior Lecturer
Joanne Fawcett​, Programme Director (Podiatry)
Katherine Gallimore, Senior Lecturer
Victoria Gould, Lecturer​
Craig Gwynne, Lecturer in Podiatry​​
Rhiannon Harris, Senior Lecturer
Shirley Hinde, Senior Lecturer
Dr Ara Kanekanian, Principal Lecturer

Jane Lewis, Lecturer​
Jeff Lewis, Programme Director (PG Dental Technology)
Rhonwen Lewis, Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy (Welsh medium)​​
Dr Ian Mathieson, Programme Director (Musculoskeletal Studies)
Dr Robert Mayr, Senior Lecturer (Speech and Language Therapy)
Dr Helen Pandeli, Senior Lecturer (Speech and Language Therapy)
Denise Parish, Programme Director (Human Nutrition and Dietetics)
Alan Phelan, Lecturer
Hannah Plumpton, Senior Lecturer (Speech and Language Therapy)
Anita Setarehnejad, Lecturer
Amanda Squire, Lecturer
Prof Arthur Tatham, Professor in Food Science and Nutrition
Kate Tucker, Lecturer (Speech and Language Therapy)​
Hilary Wickett, Programme Director (Public Health Nutrition)
Judith Whatley, Senior Lecturer Complementary Healthcare
Dr Robert Williams, Professor of Dental Technology and Innovation​​
Dr Fei Zhao, Programme Director (MSc Advanced Practice), Principal Lecturer

Administrative Support Staff​

Kate Andrews, Programme Administrator (CPEL & Post Qualifying Social Work)
Jan Brennan, Programme Administrator (Biomedical Sciences, Sports Biomedicine and Healthcare Science)
Gaby Cortez-Jones, Programme Administrator (Complementary Healthcare, Food Science, Nutrition)
Chris Draper, Programme Administrator (Dental, Foundation in Social Sciences)
Hannah Kinasz, Placement Administrator (Dietetics and Podiatry)​​​
Tracey Jeffreys, Programme Administrator (Speech and Language Therapy, Podiatry, Environmental Health, Foundation in Health Sciences)​
Vari Jenkins, Taught Programmes Manager
Kath John, Placements Office Supervisor (Social Work, Healthcare Science, Complementary Healthcare)
Shamima Kuddus-Hussain, Programme Administrator (Psychology)
Jane Lewis (Research & Enterprise Support Manager)​​
Jacqui Michell (Research & Enter​prise Administrator)
Jack Morris, Programme Administrator (PGDip Forensic Practitioner, MSc Forensic PSycholgy, Doc Forensic Psychology)​
Bev Reed, Placements Administrator (Speech and Language Therapy, Dental, Housing)
Alice Roythorne, Programme Administrator (Housing, Health and Social Care, Social Work)​
Sian Thomas, Receptionist

Technical Support Staff

Rachel Beynon, Assistant Technician
Geraint Davies, Technician Demonstrator ​(Psychology)
Emma Dilkes, Technical Assistant
Hannah Donovan, Technician Demonstrator
Sean Duggan, Technical Operations Manager
Alice Hay, Assistant Technician
Judith Hay, Senior Technician (Food Science and Technology)
Sam ​Hooper, Senior Technician
Julian Kelly, Technician Demonstrator (Psychology / Speech & Language Therapy)
Mark Huntley, Technician Demonstrator
Leighton Jenkins, Laboratory Manger - Learning and Teaching
Paul Jones, Technician Demonstrator
Neil Pedder, Senior Technician (Speech &​ Language Therapy)
Sally Poole, Technician
Steve Potter, Technician Demonstrator
Joe Roberts, Senior Technician
Richard Rowlands, Technician Demonstrator
Gareth Walters, Laboratory Manger - Research
Laura Watkeys, Technician Demonstrator
Lauren Williams, Senior Technician (Dental Technology)
James Willmot, Technical Assistant

School Management

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